[Community] The New KPIs for Community Managers

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image[Community] The New KPIs for Community Managers

The key to success in any endeavor is measurement. I mean that quite literally. Without a quantifiable sense of where you are vs. where you were, you can’t know (in any meaningful way) whether you’ve succeeded or not.

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  • davemc
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    I have to admit that this list reads almost more like a pure marketing list than a community list.
    Let's take this list and have the comm mgr reporting into support: Then the items become: engaged members, questions answered, tips and trick proposed, KB articles read and added and so on.
    If it is in engineering? Ideas contributed, adoption of new features, feature discussions, submitted enhancements?

    As with nearly everything, the KPIs reflect the direct managers measurement factors. Marketing is only one place community can live, and these KPIs align to those. Just don't forget to reflect back to what the needed results are.
  • Adrian
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    I agree with you @davemc. Certainly your goals/KPIs should be reflective to where you sit within a company. I appreciate you suggesting these other KPIs, because it's essential to be flexible to the needs of the organization.

  • yes i agree with you adrian