[Product] How to use Vanilla Forums with WordPress

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image[Product] How to use Vanilla Forums with WordPress

WordPress is leading the CMS world, but one thing it lacks is a great way for users to interact over the content you have diligently created.

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  • Denys
    Denys Member
    Hi, Doesn't work for me, nothing shows up, is this tutorial up-to-date?
  • Adrian
    Adrian Administrator admin
    @denys yes the setup has not changed and many people are using it without issue work. The issues usually lie with your WordPress host.

    Please contact your CSM who can assist you, if you are a hosted customer. Otherwise if you are an open source user and are still stuck please open a discussion at https://open.vanillaforums.com
  • Lynne
    Lynne Member
    Does it work with the latest release of WP - Gutenberg? Someone in support hinted a new version might be coming out.
  • Adrian
    Adrian Administrator admin

    @Lynne As far as I know it should work now, without issue. Support will help if you run into issues.