Getting started with Vanilla Forums' Groups Feature

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imageGetting started with Vanilla Forums' Groups Feature

As your community grows, it’s natural for it to diversify. The traditional forum structure of discussion categories can start to break down when hundreds of users need special permission changes to access private areas on an ongoing basis. That structure also doesn’t handle community events well. A popular workaround is to “Announce” an event’s discussion Read more...

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  • Trekkingbase
    Trekkingbase Member

    is the groups addon nowadays available for self-hosted vanilla forums, too?

  • Adrian
    Adrian Administrator admin
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    @Trekkingbase The Groups add-on is only available on hosted. There are no plans at this time to add it to the open source release.

  • could groups replace categories?

  • Adrian
    Adrian Administrator admin

    @sammenter it's not recommended as a replacement. It's something supplemental to be used in really big communities.