Can Building a Community Drive Student Engagement in Edtech?

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imageCan Building a Community Drive Student Engagement in Edtech?

The traditional classroom is on its way out. Education is undergoing its most dynamic period of change since the invention of the calculator. During that time, an increased focus is being placed on the student experience. Modern teachers are faced with increased class sizes and lower student engagement rates. And while technology continues to rapidly Read more...

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  • Very insightful article Alok! I have completed my Ph.D in Institutions Branding. Univerities can tap Alumni to engage through online communities for better collaboration and branding overall.

  • Glad you found it helpful! Yes, developing relationships with alumni can be a great way to build a school's brand. Essentially they are brand ambassadors that contribute to the reputation of the schools and are an extremely important part of school recruiting programs.

    I agree that creating online communities facilitates the conversation between alumni and schools, especially when alumnus are dispersed globally.