5 Benefits of a B2B Customer Self Service Portal

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image5 Benefits of a B2B Customer Self Service Portal

Here are five reasons why your B2B organization needs a customer self service portal.

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  • Toggle offers following capabilities

    Store Management
    We help you to accelerate your sales to another level by simplifying tiniest of the processes. From variety of payment options to robust inventory management techniques, we provide you all. Now you can divert your time to what’s more important and leave the daily chores to the automated POS.
    • One point for all sales
    • Go completely cashless
    • Transformed sales experience
    • Redefines Billing
    • Extraordinary Table Reservation and Menu Management for your Restaurants

    Inventory Management
    Now turn your complications to simplifications with help of powerful inventory management features offered by us. Each item you purchase and sell is recorded and tracked, reminding you before you are completely sold out. Now entertain more and more customers without any troubles of running out of stock.
    • Seamless Recipe Management
    • Real-time tracking of your inventory
    • Central Management of your multi-store chain
    • Avoid redundancies & Irregularities
    • Reduces chances of any theft

    Customer Management
    Customers always come first in any business. With POS you can now go beyond the traditional relationships with them. Customers appreciate that all their favourite places to eat and shop should have the latest technologies in their every sphere. So, ensure that each of them leaves your store in a happy mode and keep coming back.
    • Diverse & Contactless Payment options
    • Identifies your regular ones
    • Offer attractive deals everyday
    • Indulge them through phone & email marketing tools

    Analytics & Marketing
    Make smarter and data driven decisions by detailed and presentable reports generated for your business. Make higher profits through accurate data and analytics by our all-rounder POS. Keep tabs on performance of your store, sitting anywhere with cloud-based access to key reports.
    • Real-time & extensive reporting
    • Unified sales reports for one location or many
    • Identify areas of improvement by sales summary
    • Market your products with integrated marketing tools
    • Turns your data to results

    For more details and 15 days free demo click : https://www.togglepos.com/index.html