Do you have an Audience or an Authentic Community?

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imageDo you have an Audience or an Authentic Community?

Find out what constitutes an authentic community and learn how to achieve one.

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  • Richard25_Desmarais
    [{"insert":"Makes total sense and I can see how some companies would create a Community Site for the sake of having one. Worse case scenario, it would be a checklist the service manager or executive team want to check off, maybe because it's something they want to include in their pitch to woo new customers. A speaking point they can lean on even though they really have no right to do so if the Community is ignored and doesn't have a strategy. I also think if the executive team or sponsor is not allowing the service manager to dedicate a resource or time to nurturing the community, you will certainly only end up having an Audience, not a Community. In fact, a Community that is ignored and treated like an Audience is barely distinguishable from a Help Center.\n\n"}]